Kelly Green-Grady - Studio Manager, Instructor, Designer

Kelly Green is the owner and creative force behind The Iron Spirit, a trendsetting jewelry boutique specializing in wearable art crafted in the USA.

Kelly grew up in NY and began her career on Wall Street. She was a dance instructor, threw pottery and practiced massage therapy, but stumbled onto jewelry fabrication when she moved to New Jersey.  After a pottery class was closed to further registration, she decided to try a metal smithing class. Needless to say, she hasn't been at the wheel since. What began as a way to quiet her mind, has morphed into a creative passion. Kelly believes "wearing a piece of jewelry should impact your day.  It should brighten your mood, or remind you of a special person, place or memory."

Jill Hurant - Business Development, Lead Instructor

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jill Hurant’s creativity began by watching her mother, a talented artist in her own right. Jill was always creating something be it embroidered jeans, handmade belts or handbags.

“I’ve always had the need to be doing something with a creative edge.” She left Ohio in the early 70’s to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Years ago a friend of Jill’s encouraged her to visit a woman who was taking jewelry classes in Manhattan. Her friend said that she knew Jill would find the process of jewelry making fascinating. That visit changed Jill’s life. Although too intimidated for a year to call the school, Jill finally scheduled a class and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I had never done anything like working with metal before and I found it incredibly fascinating. How from a flat sheet of metal or piece of wire one could produce an object of such beauty. Learning the ancient techniques of fusing and granulation was fascinating. I felt left back in time to another place. It’s the process of hand fabricating the piece that is enthralling. The end result or the beauty of the piece is just ‘the icing on the cake’ for me.”

As Jill became more immersed in the jewelry making process, she began to take classes all over the east coast, to increase her skills and knowledge. “Even with all the techniques I have learned I still love granulation and the richness of the 22k gold. I have tried to take this ancient technique and give it a more modern edge.” With its classical beauty, Jill’s jewelry has a timeless elegance.

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Stephanie Maddalena - Lampwork Instructor, Designer

Stephanie Maddalena has a BA in Fine Arts. She has been lampworking since 1994 after a workshop with Kate Fowle Meleney. Stephanie now teaches at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ, Silvermine, the Guilford Art Center in CT, the Rockland Center for the Arts and Hudson Beach Glass in NY. She has spent the past 14 years teaching throughout the northeast and was published in La Vie Claire magazine.

Darlene DiSabatino - Director of Marketing, Designer

Darlene DiSabatino has a proven track record in Marketing as well as a  functional expertise in bench jewelry design. A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BS of Marketing, Darlene’s consumer marketing career began at American Express. After almost a decade working in lower Manhattan, Darlene leveraged her loyalty marketing skills for both Ann Taylor Stores Corporation and Merrill Lynch. It was during her time working at TD Ameritrade that Darlene was able to fine tune her partnership marketing skills with programs focused on helping women become financially independent.

Even though Darlene’s degree and corporate career were focused on consumer marketing, her personal passion has always been for all things jewelry. Her interest became professional during her college days when she started working at Michael Anthony Jewelers, in Wayne, NJ. While at Michael Anthony Jewelers, Darlene learned the fundamentals on various precious metals and stones. It was there, with the help of the store’s bench jeweler that Darlene learned how to first fabricate jewelry.

Maintaining parallel paths, Darlene managed to continue to pursue her passion for jewelry design all while climbing the corporate ladder.

It was her diagnosis with advanced metastatic breast cancer that lead her to solely focus all efforts on further advancing her jewelry design and technical bench skills by attending various classes in Wax Relief Jewelry Design, Ancient Roman Fabrication, Granulation, and Precious Metal Clay. As a member of the MJSA, Darlene is considered an independent jeweler with her own DiSabatino Jewelry Designs.

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The Studio

Access to the tools you need in a safe environment - 

Make use of our jewelry making equipment:

  • Smith acetylene torches with Quattro fume exhaust system
  • Polishing motor with ventilation cabinet
  • Paragon SC-2 Kiln for precious metal clay (PMC) and glass
  • Durston 130mm combination rolling mill with reduction gear
  • Kevin Potter 20-ton hydraulic press

In addition, the studio will also be equipped with a wide variety of hand tools needed to create beautiful jewelry.

Looking for something specific? Ask us. We might just have it.