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At Annealed Studio, we’re building a vibrant creative community for new and established metal and jewelry artists. We’re on a mission to educate and inspire through our classes, workshops, make your own projects, and community & educational outreach.

We aim to create an environment where metal and glass enthusiasts innovate and elevate each other through collaboration. We believe that having different perspectives, being open, and respecting each other will enrich our community. Together, we’re empowering each other to evolve through study, play, practice, and community.

Annealed Studio - Program Manager

We are seeking a Program Manager who enjoys developing and teaching jewelry/craft projects for seasonal events and school break (ie. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Valentines Day, Summer Camps etc.). The Program Manager is passionate about crafts and jewelry making. 

We’re looking for someone with the skill and experience to develop and possibly teach metalsmithing and enameling projects. The Program Manager will have a primary focus on project design, scheduling and marketing. This is a part-time business development/instructor position with the possibility of becoming full-time. The successful candidate will have a broad set of skills required for program development. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, and enjoyment in helping others. 

General Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring our seasonal workshops and school break programs are planned and scheduled at least 3 months in advance and special events are planned for at least 6 months in advance. Entering information into the various systems we use to communicate, track and enroll students.
  • For each seasonal workshop and school break program, ensure the studio has enough assembled kits and materials.
  • Driving the marketing and awareness campaigns.


Are you organized, detail-oriented and love to come up with project ideas? Can you organize your thoughts and walk people through how to make something? Do you love organizing things and coordinating events? Then this may be the right opportunity for you!

Pay and Perks:

  • Hourly Rate: Pay based on experience
  • Part-time position: Typically 20 hours a week. Additional hours may be required for a few special events throughout the year.
  • Free access to the studio and equipment.
  • 10% discount on classes and workshops offered at Annealed Studio.

How to Apply:

Please send us an email telling us why you you would like to be our Program Manager. Our email address is: ContactUs@AnnealedStudio.com 

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