We Are Temporarily Closed

We have made the decision to temporarily close the studio as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic. We hope to re-open for continued Metalcrafting fun in May.


Annealed Studio is pleased to offer technique specific workshops as well as our Visiting Artist series. Our community is now seeking more advanced techniques to add to their experience. The artists listed below are both instructors at Annealed Studio and those who have been referred to us by our students. We are pleased that our visiting artists have accepted our invite to teach at Annealed. Have questions? Send us an email at

Glass Bead Making - Lampworking Workshop 

Learn the Venetian art of glass bead making.  Make unique beads by melting glass rods with an oxygen/propane torch.  Learn to shape the glass, create rough “frit encrusted” beads that look ancient and incorporate silver foil or flower decorations to personalize beads. Students return regularly for access to lampworking equipment, tools and materials as they work with Stephanie on projects and develop their advanced techniques. Limited seating. Click here to learn more.

Visiting Artist_ Stephanie Maddalena (1)


Using a torch, learn methods of line creation and imagery within your enamel piece. Learn to apply successive layers of liquid, acrylic, as well as transparent and opaque powdered enamels and techniques such as sgraffito, graphite, sifting, fire scale, acid-etching, painting, and more. No matter your skill level, there will be the opportunity to immerse oneself in new ideas and principles. This is a 5 day workshop from June 3-7, 2020. Click here to learn more.

Visiting Artist_ Anne Havel

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